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The Telegraph Newspaper Testimonial

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If you become a gambler, usually the only winner is the bookie. But hundreds of people have been beating them at their own game for years, using a supposedly risk-free method called matched betting. [...] However, the money is there, and could be a welcome boost to your Christmas spending, if you're willing to follow the instructions and put in the effort.

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FHM Testimonial

FHM Testimonial

We signed up for, a site that specialises in matched betting. Matched betting, if you're unsure, is a betting technique used to take advantage of the free bet incentives offered by bookmakers, at no risk to you, the punter. [...] Go ahead, sign up for FixTheOdds and make some money. Spend it on something fun and think of your good pal FHM while you're at it.

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The Evening Standard Newspaper Testimonial

Evening Standard

Watch out bookmakers. One IT geek has found a way to take them on at their own game. Bookies have long offered free bets - they are prepared to spend hundreds to win a new client. But gambling experts use these freebies to bet on both a result happening and not happening - with different bookmakers - making it impossible to lose. Now software worker Carl Scott-Brown has set up It walks users through the process for free, and Scott-Brown claims that someone with no betting experience can make £995 by milking bookies' incentives. He also offers a refund on bets if any of his instructions are wrong. How long till the bookmakers try to shut this down?

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Video Testimonial from Johnny Parker

Recently we stumbled across the blog of Johnny Parker. Johnny is a writer and film maker from Liverpool in the United Kingdom, with a passion and enthusiasm for our website that made us all stop and take notice of him.

Johnny has spent a great deal of his own time, to write a review on our service, and explain in some depth and detail, how he has found the process of using our free matched betting service. He goes on to say that although he was skeptical at first, and had never placed a bet with an online bookmaker, he still went on to profit from our free matched betting service after following our instructions.

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DISCLAIMER: Your results and level of profit may vary from Johny's due to available offers and odds.

Other Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

I would recommend fix the odds to anyone. Fix the Odds hasn't made me rich, but it made me around £500 in two months. Fix the Odds is easy to use, takes very little time and effort and the site is being improved all the time to make it even simpler. Nice website to make a few extra quid, on those quiet days at work! V Stanford - Portsmouth*

At the time of writing I have completed nine offers and made £150 profit with an average of £17 from each offer, I should be on target to make about £700 from the forty or so UK online bookmakers. J Parker - Liverpool*

A huge thank you for my recent win what swift friendly service very reliable and excellent customer care I would reccommend this site to anyone regards. Tracey Rollings - Middlesbrough*

What a surprise winning one of the prize draws. I'm using FixTheOdds and matched betting to partly pay towards a skiing holiday and the prize I won will go straight into our pot! Many thanks for the prize and for a great service! Andrew Potter*

I read countless of articles on the web regarding matched betting but was confused! I stumbled upon FTO and haven't looked back. The system has made me 100s of pounds and best of all it's user-friendly! Marlon Nkuni*

11 out of 10! IB - Camberley*
Worked well. DH - Sutton*
A very good idea and I did win. TS - London*
Like taking candy from a baby! SD - Beckenham*
Excellent advice and instructions. LD - Weston Supermare*
Good so far - did everything that was expected. PA - Pinner*

*DISCLAIMER: Your results and level of profit may vary from Johny's due to available offers and odds.