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You just can't give free money away these days

You just can't give money away for free these days!

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The team here at FixTheOdds put our heads together a few weeks back and came to the conclusion that you just can't give anything away for free in today's cynical world. To prove our theory was indeed true, we took £100 in £5 notes out into a busy city shopping centre on a weekday lunchtime to see how easy it would be to hand cash out to people on the street. With it taking almost 2 hours to finally hand the money out, the results speak for themselves!

So why did we give money away for free?

Your probably wondering why we decided to do this in the first place? To be quite blunt.. we did it to prove a point! Sometimes we are totally baffled with the trouble we have in giving things away for free. Be it a competition winner not claiming there prize, despite entering the competition in the first place, to a prize draw winner not collecting their cash!

Long gone are the days granny spoke of, the ones where you could pop to the shops and leave your front door open. Sadly in todays "trust no one world", nobody believes they can get anything for free anymore!

When your trying to run a website that essentially gives away not only free money, but a number of cash prizes and incentives for interacting with our content (liking our Facebook Page etc), it becomes very difficult to make an honest living.

Nothing in this world is free!

I guess there is some truth in that. As far as our website is concerned you have to actually 'do something' to 'get something'. That can be as small as just liking our Facebook page, through to using our automated matched betting service.

We would like to argue that if your willing to put a little work in, people like us would like to reward you for it! Does this constitute as getting something for free? Maybe not, but lets face it, we're not asking you to do much for the reward are we.

By now your no doubt wondering what's in all this for us? Well we offer our services to you free of charge, but we make money through affiliations relating to those offers, quite simple, we still make money even giving things away for free.

But why hand out free money in the street?

We first came up with the idea to see how difficult it would be to hand out money in the street late one evening after discussing how cynical people are these days. We wanted to prove what not only our own instincts told us, but cold, hard statistics collected from our website showed us, that people would often decline something if it was offered to them for free.

We really had no idea that our social experiment would work out so well in our favor. After reviewing what we each thought would do if someone offered us a free £5 note in the street (and from a pretty girl at that). We all agreed that we would obviously take it. However the sheer number of people that refused to take the money really did shock us all here at FixTheOdds.

So have we proved that people are in fact cynical? And can you really get anything for free in todays untrusting world? Feel free to add your comments below.


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