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Matched Betting Testimonial

"At the time of writing I have completed nine offers and made £150 profit with an average of £17 from each offer, I should be on target to make about £700 from the forty or so UK online bookmakers."

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The team here at FixTheOdds don't like trawling through statistics much, but we know it has to be done. Every now and then however, we stumble across a little gem that makes it all worth while.

Recently we stumbled across the blog of Johnny Parker. Johnny is a writer and film maker from Liverpool in the United Kingdom, with a passion and enthusiasm for our website that made us all stop and take notice of him.

Johnny has spent a great deal of his own time, to write a review on our service, and explain in some depth and detail, how he has found the process of using our free matched betting service. He goes on to say that although he was skeptical at first, and had never placed a bet with an online bookmaker, he still went on to profit from our free matched betting service after following our instructions.

Johnny has also very kindly donated a video testimonial for our website

We'd like to thank him for his enthusiasm towards FixTheOdds, and if you ever wanted an honest testimonial about our service, they don't come much better than Johnny's. You can read the original article below:

Make money legally from online bookmakers with no risk and no experience of betting. is a website which helps you to make money from the free bets offered by online bookmakers without any previous betting experience or knowledge. At the time of writing I have completed nine offers and made £150 profit with an average of £17 from each offer I should be on target to make about £700 from the forty or so UK online bookmakers (most offers open to international customers). I had never placed a bet with an online bookmaker before and helps with thorough instructions at every point in the process.

Is a legitimate way to make money?

I was sceptical at first, after all we are constantly bombarded by get rich quick schemes and for every mug punter there is an internet scam. However is perfectly legitimate. It was even recommended by The Daily Telegraph, a highly respected newspaper and a stalwart of British conservatism. is free to use, they make their money through their affiliation with the betting exchange (see below).

How matched betting works - risk free gambling.

The most important thing about (FTO) is that you don't need to know anything about betting or bookmakers to make money easily. FTO will talk you through every stage, literally, with their helpful avatar 'Sarah'. The web site designers have gone to great lengths to make the process as easy as possible. They are so confident that you will make a profit that they will refund any loss you might make.

Without getting too deep, FTO works by using matched betting to offset the risk. With each offer, you place two bets. The first bet will break even or make a small loss after commission. The second bet (using the free bet) will make a small profit, usually £15 - £20.

Matched betting has been around for a while now but is complicated for most people to grasp. In matched betting, you bet both on a certain result occurring, and on the same result not occurring. For example you place a bet on Team Z to win and another bet on Team Z not to win (this is different from Team Z to lose, as not to win means that if, for example, the game was a draw, not to win is still true). This means that whatever the result, you win some money from the result of the game.

The beauty of is that they do all the maths for you, all you have to do is click the right buttons.If you are confused I have included a worked example below.

How much does it cost to use and is it worth the effort?

FTO is free to use but you will need a small amount of capital to start off with. In the worked example below I had to lay out an initial £35 to make a profit of £4.55, which may seem like a lot of outlay for a small return - you do of course get your stake back! Perhaps that was a poor example to show you, but it is better to see what was the lowest return I've had so there are no false impressions. My best return was £32 on a £50 bet. You will find that after completing a couple of offers you can fund every new offer from your winnings, allowing a pot to build up.

FTO make their money from their affiliation with Betfair so it is free to the public. Betfair make their money by charging a commission of 5% on your net winnings. There can also be charges with some bookies for using a credit card to deposit or withdraw money and for that reason it would be better to use a debit card, that's what I do.

Although FTO give you instructions in great detail at every step of the way, they do not place the bets for you. Your 'work' is to register with each bookie and manually place each suggested bet. This doesn't take very long. I would take about fifteen minutes at first as I was checking and double checking what I was doing, but now I can register with a bookie and place the first bet in less than ten minutes. To complete an offer by registering, placing bets and withdrawing winnings should take no longer than thirty minutes in total, and that's being very conservative. So in hourly rate terms you are making money at £34 per hour (average of £17 return per offer taking on average thirty minutes of time).

There is always a risk with bettinG - so where is the risk?

The main risk is not with the concept, because you can make a return from every offer. You may lose money if you somehow make a mistake in transcribing FTO's instructions. It's always possible to click on the wrong thing, especially if you are not concentrating or are distracted. But in reality this is really hard to do because there are opportunities at each step to check what you are doing. Most bookies will challenge you to confirm your bet before it is placed so it is very difficult to accidentally click the wrong button and commit to a bet accidentally. And as mentioned above, FTO will refund any losses.

The other risk is if you are a gambler by nature and find it difficult to resist the lure of a 'punt'. For that reason if you know you have a weakness for gambling this system may not be for you. I would also recommend withdrawing any winnings from bookie accounts as soon as the bet is completed. Thus removing the temptation to use your winnings on "Can't Lose" running in the 3:30 at Ascot!

How the works step by step - an example.

Bookie: Skybet

Incentive: Bet £10 and get a free £10 bet

Step 1: The set bet (to qualify for the free bet).

4th July 2011

Norwegian Soccer League

Fredrikstad v Tromso

Bet £10 with Skybet on the match being a draw at 3.30 odds

Place a lay bet of £8.92 with Betfair (£24.53 total exposure) at 3.75 odds

Match result: Tromso win 2-0

Bet result: Lost £10 with Skybet and won £8.47 with Betfair which is an overall loss of £1.53 after commission.

Step 2: The freebet

6th July 2011

Japan Soccer Cup

Niigata v Kofu

Bet £10 with Skybet on the match being a draw at 3.40 odds

Place a lay bet of £6.40 with Betfair (£17.92 total exposure) at 3.80 odds

Match result: Kofu win 2-1

Bet result: Lost £0 with Skybet and won £6.08 with Betfair which is an overall profit of £6.08 after commission.

The overall profit from the offer is £6.08 - £1.53 = £4.55


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