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I'm going to give you a brief explanation about FixTheOdds. We provide you with all the materials and steps on how to get cash online, quickly, effectively and most importantly already proven by thousands of individuals. You will soon find out that this is an easy and straightforward process with guaranteed results and no hidden costs.

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I am going to assume that you're not very familiar with online betting - don't be frightened about the 'b' word this is not gambling as you will find out!

When you use FixTheOdds, you will always be using Betfair. That's the first step and requirement that we will ask you to do after signing up to our website. Do not just click on Betfair and sign up to it, it's best you do it through our system, in order for us to keep track of your progress.

After signing up to Betfair, you can start using our service and lay down the path way to make some easy money in less than 5 minutes an offer.

I'm going to briefly explain the principle behind matched betting so as to give you a better understanding of what you will be doing.

After you sign up to Betfair, which you will be using for every offer in order to make you lay (back) bet, you will also need to sign up to the bookmaker that you have decided to take up from our list. After you have signed up to the bookie and deposited the stated amount into secure bookmaker (We do all the research in order to ensure that are given to only the most secure bookmakers), you will come to a stage in our system called "Check the Market".

This will sweep the market and search for odds within markets, across the net, that will then calculate a profitable solution for yourself to bet on. If you are happy with the amount you are required to bet, simply follow instructions from our website. Once you follow the instructions and place a bet with both of the bookmakers then you will have to wait for the match to be settled, this on average can range from 2 hours to 48 hours (This basically means when the match that you bet on will be finished).

You are able to make a profit from our service as you will be winning more money than you invested (the sign up bonus bumps this profit up significantly). Regardless of whether Team A wins, loses or draws you will make a profit as we do your homework for you ( you are able to do this through the betting exchange which allows you to for instance bet on Team A doing anything but winning). Keep in mind that since this is matched betting, the system is there to ensure that you never lose, always gain. If this is not the case then we will give your money back, that's our 100% risk free gaurentee!

So remember, you will always be placing 2 bets. One with Betfair and the other with another bookmaker - our system guides you through every step - we have spent a year on perfect the user journeryto make this as easy as possible in order to make this available to the young, old, experienced and inexperienced. Should you ever be unsure about one of the instructions then always ask us - the online FAQ, On-site Assistance, our Live support Chat, Digital media and email support are there to make this money making system as clearcut as possible.

Still not convinced? Why not read our testimonials, which include reviews from The Telegraph and Evening Standard newspapers. We're also that confident in our service, that should you make a loss after following our step by step instructions, we will refund your loss back to you.

Our team will help and support you every step of the way. Our automated system will tell you what and how much to bet on, keep track of all your bets, and our extensive support section is here to help and assist you every step of the way!

Join the thousands of other people already making extra income with our great free service!

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